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A new New Testament:

Gene is working on a new New Testament that is unlike any New Testament that has ever existed before.

  • The Gospels

    Imagine Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all blended into one story. Then add Acts. You end up with five different books all into one book. That book moves forward in chronological order.

  • Times, Dates, and Places

    There are three other things that you will notice as you read through this book of five books…which is now one book. It has times, dates, and places added to this on going story.

  • The Uniqueness of Acts

    But most important of all, while you are reading the book of Acts, you will find a statement inserted noting when each of Paul's letters were written. For example, just as you are reading Acts 15:36-39 you will find an indented note stating "it was at this time and place that Paul wrote his very first letter, the letter which we call Galatians. It was written in the summer of 50 A.D."

  • Chronological Order of Paul's Letters

    The next unique thing about this New Testament is that all of Paul's letters are in their chronological order, not the order you have in your New Testament. Finally, there will be one other unique thing about this New Testament. Between each of Paul's letters there will be an explanation of just what happened during the time that elapsed between the last letter he wrote and the next letter.

It is Gene's hope that anyone who reads this book will be so shocked by what the New Testament really says that their lives will be revolutionized.