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The Birth

In the glorious heavenly realm, the angels strain eagerly to understand. What new thing is God doing as Gabriel slips through the door and fights his way to earth? In that lower realm, angelic visitations are not an everyday affair – not even for Mary and Joseph!

Dare to open The Birth and you will find yourself drawn into the drama as Gene Edwards weaves anew the wonderful story of the Incarnation, the Christmas story, seen from both realms. Hard to put down, a compelling narrative, and a great gift idea, The Birth introduces the mystery of the Christian life for those who have never heard the story.

The Birth is the third of a five-book series entitled “The Chronicles of Heaven.” (The Beginning, The Escape, The Birth, The Triumph, The Return.)

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The Divine Romance

The Divine Romance is praised as one of the all-time literary achievements of the Protestant era. Breathtakingly beautiful, here is the odyssey of Christ’s quest for His bride. The Divine Romance is the most captivating, heartwarming and inspirational romance, transcending space and time. In all of Christian literature there has never been a description of the crucifixion and resurrection which so rivals the one depicted in The Divine Romance.

Many readers have commented, “This book should come with a box of Kleenex.” The description of the romance between Adam and Eve alone is one of the great love stories of all times.

Edwards’ portrayal of the romance of Christ and His bride takes its place along side such classics as Dante’s The Divine Comedy and Milton’s Paradise Lost. Reading thie leterary masterpieces will alter your life forever

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The Day I Was Crucified… as Told by Jesus the Christ

A compelling book written in first person, with the Lord telling the story of His death and resurrection. It is a book as moving and as powerful as any motion picture. The reader is ushered into a realm where the Crucifixion is seen from the view of the angels and principalities. No one can read this story without tears and praise.

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The Prisoner In The Third Cell

This is the story of John the Baptist while in prison awaiting death. John is confused because he does not understand what is happening. He is wrestling with a God who has not lived up to John’s expectations. As with A Tale of Three Kings this book has brought about enormous healing to tens of thousands of Christians, yet it can be read in one hour. It would be almost impossible to be read without crying—it will give you a whole new view of your Lord and His sovereignty.

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The Triumph

A commentary on John 21 & 22. “Await my command, Michael… Do nothing unless I so order. Do you understand?”

The mightiest of archangels was torn between his rage and the restraining voice of his Lord. Seeing Jesus arrested in Gethsemane and put on trial before Pilate was almost more than Michael – and thousands of other angels – could withstand.

Utterly unable to understand the mystery unfolding before him, Michael accepts an invitation from the wise and ancient Recorder to take a journey beyond space and time. The angels venture forth to comprehend the suffering and death of Jesus, and the mystery of free will in the light of God’s eternal purpose. At last they witness the triumph of Jesus’ resurrection.

Come along and experience for yourself the foundational events of the Christian life. Gain new eyes of faith through this profound, compelling and entertaining drama.

The Triumph is the fourth of a five-book series entitled “The Chronicles of Heaven.” (The Beginning, The Escape, The Birth, The Triumph, The Return.)

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Unleashing the Word of God

It happened 1800 years ago. The chaotic arrangement was accepted and later became the only way to arrange Paul’s letters. As a result, we cannot know what the New Testament is saying. We have never seen the church of Century One.

We do not know what happened in the first Christian century. We have no model of the first-century from which to work. Counterwise, we have been creating Christian practices made up of the short passages from the New Testament, never seeing the entire panoramic saga.

Unleashing the Word of God is a must read. Included with the book is a DVD.