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An Interview with Gene Edwards:

A brief introduction and history of Gene Edwards:

Gene’s Roots

Gene Edwards is of French parentage; Louisiana Cajun in particular. In the year 1790 a Frenchman named Joseph Edoir jumped ship in New Orleans harbor and so began the Edwards family in America. His father, J.C. “Blackie” Edwards, an oil field worker, moved to Texas while following the oil boom. In 1927 he married Gladys Brewer. They had two sons, the second son being Gene. At the time of his marriage Blackie Edwards was illiterate, as were all of his people throughout the previous generations. Gene’s mother was the daughter of a migrant farm worker; that is, the family made its living moving from one place to another picking cotton. Her father had a phobia about tornadoes, therefore Gladys grew up in a storm cellar, an underground dugout, about six feet by eight feet. Gene’s mother was the first person ever to go to high school in her family. On the basis of her high school diploma she was able to teach school. Her whole life she had but one dream—that of becoming a writer; a dream never fulfilled. But it was her gift of writing that was passed on to her youngest son.

Because Gene’s dad was an oilfield worker, Gene grew up in a man’s world—a tough, brawling, no-nonsense, unpretentious world of oil field roughnecks. This fact has left its influence on his whole life, both as a Christian and as a minister.

At the age of three, while living in Conroe, Texas, Gene contracted scarlet fever. Both his lungs filled with fluid, breathing became impossible. He was near death. The doctor gave him no hope whatsoever of living. Visiting the Edwards’ home the doctor thought, on three occasions, that Gene had died. (There was no heartbeat and his body had turned blue.)

At that time, in two separate places, his father and his mother both gave Gene to the Lord with the prayer: “Lord, if You let him live, we give him wholly and completely to You.” (Gene was not aware of this drama until the time he entered the ministry. It was then his father told him this story. Later his mother reaffirmed it.)

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